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Full service agency for marketing: live & digital

Warp is an owner-managed full service agency for live & digital marketing: we develop, plan and realize holistically integrated marketing activities and combine high-impact live marketing with innovative digital solutions.

By combining activities in real space with digital possibilities, we activate your target group in the two most important channels: real & virtual, online & offline. And thereby accompany your target group at all touchpoints on the entire consumer journey with targeted and fully coordinated activities. The result: a real boost for your brand!

Although we prefer to exploit the potential of holistically integrated activities in the real and virtual space for you, we are of course also happy to provide advice and support for selected services in live or digital marketing.

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Strategy & Concept

A clear strategy, innovative ideas and concepts, live & digitally integrated plans - in this order, we design, plan and implement strong marketing activities from a single source that pay off on your goals.

Social media & content

Comprehensive social media management including content creation with our own content studio, influencer marketing, DOOH advertising media and online banners are disciplines we are passionate about for our clients with a lot of know-how and creativity.

Web Design & Programming

With websites, landing or micro pages for campaigns & promotions, raffles and e-commerce solutions, we ensure a radiant presence on the web and lots of interaction with your brand.

Performance Marketing

Even the best formulated advertising message only becomes relevant when it is seen by the right target group - in social media advertising and search engine marketing, we help you choose the right medium and play out your content to the right target group.

Live Marketing & Events

Whether hard facts like sales and turnover, or soft KPIs like image and emotions - we master the entire repertoire of live marketing and realize targeted & high-impact promotions, brand experiences, road shows, live marketing events, guerrilla marketing activities, tastings and samplings for you and your brand.

POS merchandising & promotions

Only those who ensure a professional brand presence at every touchpoint at the POS (point of sale) and the right presentation and availability of goods at the point of sale can prevail over the multitude of competing brands in retail - and trigger an impulse purchase for their brand and product. We put your brand in the right light in retail - throughout Switzerland and across all channels.

A boost for your brand

A boost for your brand!


High-impact live marketing at POS and Out of Home


Innovative digital marketing

Live & Digital

Holistically integrated marketing activities: real & virtual, on & offline.

Activate your target group with warp along the entire consumer journey and use the potential of all touchpoints - live & digital!

Consumer Journey of a typical working day of a person.


The day begins and is usually followed by the first reach for the smartphone

Digital > Smartphone

News and first mails are read at the breakfast table or in the kitchen

Digital > Tablet

Waiting commuters are perfect for an activation with a live marketing activity

Live Marketing

Best frequency values and (almost) infinite possibilities to address the target group at train stations with samplings and/or promotions

Live Marketing

On the train, commuters spend time working, reading news, surfing as well as social media & co. - and your advertising messages

Digital > Tablet oder Smartphone

On the way from the station to the office, there are countless touchpoints for targeted activations: public squares, in front of stores and many other locations

Live Marketing

In front of large office buildings and co-working spaces, the target group can be positively surprised with a greeting from your brand

Live Marketing
until 12:00

Every employee uses the web in a break also privately from time to time (and professionally anyway) - and this via laptop, tablet and/or smartphone

Digital > Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone

Special offers, visibility on the table and other activations appeal to your target group during the lunch break.

Live Marketing
until 18:00

Continuing with the work in the afternoon, the usual digital helpers come into play

Digital > Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone

On foot after work to the nearby gym - but the evening program with friends still has to be coordinated briefly

Digital > Smartphone

Before, during or after the fitness, yoga or workout, there are exciting opportunities to address the target group in their free time

Live Marketing

Before the evening program, you shop in a store for the essentials for the next day: truly a mecca for activating shoppers live & digitally

Live Marketing & Digital

It's definitely the end of the day and you can relax - and be even more receptive to relevant and appealing advertising messages.

Live Marketing

Back by train - again passing the station and another contact opportunity for your brand

Live Marketing

On the train, there is no more work in the evening, but all the more surfing and time spent on social media

Digital > Tablet or Smartphone

After a long day at work, you look forward to bed: but not without taking another look at your tablet or smartphone

Digital > Tablet or Smartphone

Of course, the consumer journey differs according to groups of people (e.g. socio-demographics) and days of the week - and not all touchpoints are equally interesting or relevant for your brand. We are happy to develop what we show here as an ideal example together with you in a non-binding consultation: the consumer journey that is relevant for your brand. And in doing so, we will identify the touchpoints that promise the greatest potential for activating your brand. One thing is certain, however: through integrated marketing activities and the combination of live and digital marketing, we help your brand to extend the processing of your target group along the consumer journey and to activate it at the right touchpoints in a targeted and coordinated manner - real & virtual, online & offline.

Our background

Our background

Niklas Strohmeier

Niklas Strohmeier

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Digital thinker and web all-rounder, always striving for new digital approaches.
Dominik Nyffenegger

Dominik Nyffenegger

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Live marketing enthusiast and brand expert with a passion for innovative ideas & concepts.
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Get in touch, we'll get in touch.